Adding alembic cache to object with hair particle system

Hi All,

I have a doubt in blender hair.

I am creating a model in blender and adding particle hair system to the character head using vertex groups and then we are exporting alembic cache of the same animated character from maya and adding that alembic to blender character objects using mesh sequence cache modifier.

Cache was working fine but the problem is that hair not following the head.

Can anyone please suggest me any solution for this or correct me if am wrong with the pipeline I am using.

Thank you…

Hi, without more information I’d check the order of modifiers and make sure the mesh sequence modifier is the first one, at least on top of the particle system modifier.
I hope it helps.

It worked like a charm. Thank you very much.
Actually I am very new to blender. Planning to migrate from maya to blender

Can you please suggest me any solution for the below.
I have a character with xgen hair in maya which was already groomed.
I am planning to comb the same style of hair in blender. Is there any way to simplify my work in blender.
We can export hair curves from maya, will those curves be useful for hair combing in blender.

Thank you.

Sure, but you’ll need an add-on to convert them to hair. Read this thread for more info

Ya. This might help me. Thank you very much for the resource link.