Adding an AR/VR section

Do you think it’s worth adding an AR/VR section to the chat?
I would like to learn and chat more about VR and searching for the ‘VR’ word is tricky.

I would like to see this :slight_smile:

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At this point we’re more inclined to reducing the number of categories rather than increasing them. How about using a dedicated #vr tag for this instead? @Fweeb what do you think?


Yeah. We had complaints in the previous forum software about having so many categories so we were always very reluctant to add them. Here, where the visual organization is somewhat more chaotic (for now), I’d be even more against the thought of increasing categories.

Tags seem like the best solution for this.

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Sure, maybe in the next year or two if it becomes popular enough on the forums to warrant an addition.
It seems to me it’s the only major category that doesn’t have its own dedicated section.

Maybe merge lesser categories that are not so popular.

Are the tags up and running?

Yeah you can just create a tag. SOME tags are reserved (like #featured) for staff only but other than that you’re free to go!

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