Adding an image (noob question sorry)

Hi all,

I’m new to blender, and I’m still getting acquainted to it. And sorry about this, by the way, because I know the answer to my question is right under my nose.

So how can I import an image into my blender project? I’m trying to make a revolving logo (like Machinima), and I have my logo in both JPEG and vector graphic (Adobe Illustrator) formats. How can I import this into my project?

Any help would be appreciated.


You could try saving your illustrator file as an SVG file, Blender has an importer for that format (you might need to enable it in the user preferences first though).

To do so click file -> user preferences -> addons tab -> then type svg in the search field.

make sure it is enabled.

you could also try enabling the “import images as planes” as well and then trace it from the image to form the logo in blender.

As is always the case in 3d, there are multiple ways to do things!

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