Adding an image texture on top of an object with material node

is there a way i can add an image texture with transparent background on top of an object that i have already applied a material on it?
i saw a while beck there was an option of using mix rgb to add the texture but i forgot
anyone with a solution please help me out. thanks

There are many ways to do this…but a simple solution is something like this…2 textures with alpha using a color ramp and Mix RGB node…

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thanks, what if i have applied a material with the principled bsdf as metalic and i want to apply one single image texture on top, a logo, will this method still work?

I used ur method and it worked, i was able to apply the text layer on top, thanks

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Glad I was some help!
Now that you got that working…for something down the line…you can duplicate the Principled/screen and image nodes, Bring them down in the editor reconnect the Mapping node…add a Mix shader off of the 2 principled, and connect the mix node to output…then go to town playing with your image!
That’s what is nice about the Nodes…once you figure out something…you can expand and combine…BTW Nice job you got there!!
Happy Blending!