Adding an object aligned to an existing Orientation (face/dege)?


Is it possible to add an object with an orientation of a face or an edge? I tried but I keep failing

Like i would like to add a starting cylinder with this face orientatiion, so i could get a nicely aligned object to that wall. Of course i could just duplicate the wall and make a cylinder myself but each wall will have a different thing… is there a way to snap or rotate that cylinder into the proper place?

Thank you for reading
CheeRz :v:

So, I’m not really sure what you are trying to do; but perhaps it would help to switch from ‘global’ to ‘normal’ transformation orientation so translations are aligned with the normal of the selected face.

My Tranform Orientation was FACE (of that selected Face (screengrab)
I am trying to align a cylinder (8 verts) to that face but it always ends up with Global orientation
Maybe there is a manual way of rotating or something… to that Face orientation/Face Normals

The way I would tackle this is, select the face, use Shift+Numpad 7, (or 1 or 3, or CTRL+Shift+7), to align the view to that face.
Shift+S and set cursor to selected. Shift+A to add a cylinder, either in the toolbar properties, or the F6 popup, set align to view. Job done, then I’d swtich to Normal mode and position / scale as required.


I was able to align it by rotation, got the angle from the wall
but the Ctrl+Shift +1/3/7 is very useful :+1:

Quick video, hope it helps.

An alternative would be to turn on snapping (magnet on the bottom right), set snap to “face” and mark “align rotation with snapping target”. Then you can just move the object with the mouse, and it will be aligned to the face below it.
This works better in object mode.