Adding an object: Not adding :(

So I’m making my way through the “Noob to Pro” Tutorial, and I’ve made it to the hat part. Every time I add a circle it fails to appear. I’ve set “align to view” to true, I’m in object mode and no dice: it’s not there. It’s not a line, it doesn’t appear when I change the view around, it’s just not there. Even more complexing is I can’t switch to edit mode either, even by selecting it manually in the button menu. Any Ideas? I’d like to move forward in the tutorials.

You may be in Local view by accident. Try the / (slash) key on the numpad.

Local View shows you only the object that was selected when you hit /.

Ah, thankyou. That was exactly it! I would have never figured that out! Thankyou!

You’re welcome. For future reference, the status messages around the edge of the viewport tell you things like which view you’re using, whether you’re in local view etc. It is good habit to check those out when you get lost.