Adding an object to the scene from a linked libraries

Hi there,

for my project Ive made road and tree model libraries and linked(not append) them to the main project file. ![]( Ive also written a python script which reads name, positionxyz, rotationz and scale from a txt file(exported from another software) e.g. “Spruce; 25.0; 35.4; 15.22; 158.6; 0.88;”.
The problem is if I wanna import an object(add and place all instances to proper position) to a scene, I have to first add the object e.g. Spruce to a scene, select it and then run the script, but it is uncomfortable to do it for each object from the library.

Question: is there a API function able to find proper object in the linked library?

Maybe the LibData module is what you need. You might check the example at the start of this page