Adding and Removing objects with Python?

I’ve got adding items down, what I need to know now is how to remove the items.

Goal: Dynamically create a floor beneath my game avatar by generating tiles beneath it as it moves. These tiles will cover enough ground to cover the avatar’s field of vision. Now as these tiles move beyond the Avatar’s field of vision I need to remove them.

I think I can keep track of the objects as I create them, by appending a list with getLastCreatedObject().

So what I need to be able to do is delete the objects from the game environment with the reference in that list (and subsequently from the list itself). The only ways I see to delete an object, reference the controller owner only.

Edit#1: Should have mentioned that this script will run from a single empty and generate the tile floor remotely.

I’m thinking I can rig each tile to detect where the avatar is and then end itself. The problem with that approach is that every single tile will run the check, where as if it was run centrally from the empty the script could just calculate which tiles need to be removed in a single run. The work around could easily require hundreds of checks every time the Avatar moves.