adding animated object to camera tracked scene

There are tons of tutorials on youtube of how to add a cube or suzanne into real video footage, by doing a camera tracking.

There are also tons of tutorials of how to animate an object.

But I could not find a tutorial of how to actually add an animated object (a character making some basic gestures and some talking) into real life footage.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? or is adding an animated object as simple as adding a non-animated / still object?

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.



it’s the same as adding a still object, but obviously you’ll want to be able to visualize your scene a bit better in the 3D window, if it’s going to be interacting with the environment. so, one thing you can do is use weighted tracks ( markers ) set to 0 weight, so they don’t affect your tracking solution, but they appear in your 3D window, kind of similar to a point cloud. do a search for ‘weighted tracks’ to find out more.
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