adding animation to interface

Was wondering if I could add an animation to my interface. It would play when cursor is over it. I never did that so a few details would be a great help.


You have a mouse sensor + property, then Do stuff = playAction().

If you want something like a hover effect, you can use flipper type in action. This means that the action plays forward once when active (make sure your sensor is on pulse mode BTW) and plays backward once when inactive.

I don’t know how to add an animation to my plane. I need more details I never tried doing that before. Di I record an animation? How to I put it on the plane which is my interface?


You can make a texture scrolling …
menu_anim.blend (615 KB)

If you want something like a hover effect, take a look at the blend below. What it does, it takes the original mesh, and then with shape keys, it deforms it. Then, with the timeline,you select the frame, then add a keyframe with “I”, while hovering over the shape key dragging-bar thingie. You then play the animation with an action actuator.


HoverEffect.blend (456 KB)