Adding Animation to physics simulation

How would i add my own set of animated objects and have them collide with other things in the physics simulation. Like i saw some physics videos with balls going straight through a stack of blocks and knocking them down. Or one with a block on top of a stack. Then the block moved up and straight down to destroy all of the stack of blocks.

What iam wanting to do though is have kind of an hammer and anvil setup. Kind of like a wrecking crane ball to destroy a stack of cubes…

How would i do any of that stuff? Anyone know?

In Blender Hard Body Physics are calculated using the Game engine. If you simply want a ball that has a force and direction you would add an Actuator for that object in the Logic panel (F4). Here is a simple test Blend with some blocks and a sphere that will automatically shot at the blocks when you start the game engine (press P).

BGETest.blend (35.2 KB)

In addition to simple velocity actuators, you can also use predefined Actions and IPOs in the game engine. If you are trying to setup something complex, you might find more help in the Game engine support forum here on BA.