adding another motion capture with different orgin location

i have this issue when useing 2 different motion captures. they both have different origin locations and i cant seem to get the bottom motion capture to start at the location the top motion capture is. so the armature starts in a different location when animation plays. any advice would be helpfull.

One way to change the origin of the mocap.

Select your root (hip maybe) bone
Go into the graph editor.
Select the hips loc x fcurve
select all keys
if the x location is -10.99 for eg
hit gy10.99

this will move all the keys & leave locx = 0 … repeat for others.

wow i just play around with that thanks is there a way i can just type in the x location and have it move there without grabing it?

this will help me a lot to make all motioncaptuer blend in with all my animations