Adding armature modifier - help!!!

Trying to add an armature modifier to a mesh - without success.

I am doing following steps.

  1. Create mesh
  2. Add armature and position at center of mesh
  3. Object mode and highlight mesh only
  4. Click add modifier - space for object, and vertex group appears with button next saying apply.
  5. Type in object name as Armature and vertex group as R-shin, (previously created) then click apply.

Then as if by magic all the dialogues disappear leaving just the add modifier button - I assume it did not create otherwise it would appear below button. But no error message is given either for failure to create.

Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

Thanks for any info.

Don’t click Apply; that removes the modifier and makes the armature’s current deformation of the mesh “permanent.” All you need do is insert the correct armature name.

If you enter a vertex group name in the box, the entire armature will affect only that vertex group and will ignore the rest of the mesh. I have a feeling this isn’t what you want right now, so don’t do it.

Thanks - will have another attempt later this evening - I will probably need to use the vertex group box also - I have a dense poser mesh , V3, that I have imported.

Trying to rig it properly - so far tried just with weight painted vertex groups and parenting mesh but not sufficient to do job so looking at newer approach with modifers for armatures.