Adding armature to skeleton

I am new to blender and i saw many tutorials. so far i know how to work in blender and all of that.
I need someone who will make functional armature in my skeleton.

I tried many times but his chest always get deformed when moving.
Also sometimes toes and head.
Help please i don’t think this would take more thane 15 mins.

the skele is to retopologise. It won’t be correctly animated because of huge amount of tris in the topology. I’m not good at rigging but after retopologising in my opinion everything should work fine.
Another thing while creating a character, always try to model it in “neutral pose” it is easier to rig and animate.

I would use a block as the chest Ik and another for hips and then parent that arms legs etc to it, and then use the blocks as Ik targets,
this way you deform what needs it, and don’t deform would should not… a solid metal chest piece is static,

what is the nature of the rig? animation for screen? game? or skeletal physics? I can rig it if it for a good cause,


RigaMandit.blend (626 KB)

This skeleton isn’t my creation :(. I downloaded it for free from some site.
I need this skeleton for animation. And I also plan to make more animations with my friend.
'Im not sure how was this skeleton created but It will be modified alot. I just needed him to be able to make movements for animation
before modifying it. And when i tried to make him stand (with all armature on) parts of his body get wrongly shaped.
I hope this is enough info :frowning:

that is a model, the skeleton is not visable for animating, do you have a .blend?

.obj ?
can you make it a .blend?

here is .blend file but you could just have added .obj file in blender

Ok, so select all the faces on a single bone, then do tab to go back to edit mode,
do shift d to duplicate it escape, then do tab to do back to edit and do ctrl+i to invert the selection,
then delete,

then select the other skeleton and do delete, the bone you just copied out from the mesh:)

you can separate all of the bones into seperate objects like skull, Forarm1 and 2 left, etc

the I will rig some of it to help you learn to rig :slight_smile: