adding Armature

my son now want to add armature to his rig does any one have a good video tutorial to teach him how to do this as he will not listen to me.

he is trying to run before he can walk if you ask me but what do I know!!.

James & Luke :D:D:D:D:D

jamesRugby: I’m not quite sure what you mean. Normally an armature object that controls a mesh object is called a “rig.” So do you mean you want to add an armature to control your mesh or do you actually have a rig setup already and you want to add another armature to it?

Either way there are many tutorials that go through the process of rigging different characters. Take a look at and search for “rigging.” David Ward has a couple of video tutorials there that go through the process of rigging complete characters. Nathan also has a nice rigging tutorial going through a basic rig of a character from Big Buck Bunny here.