adding background image

I don’t see where I can add the image for a background, I know it is in the world buttons but which one?


Ok, you click the world button
To the right, to the left of clear, click the drop box, then ADD NEW
Name the texture, such as “sky”
Now click in the Textures button (with the brickwall icon (or is it a tiger’s skin?))
You’ll see the name of your texture there
From Texture Type, select Image
New panels appear
Push the Load Image button

That was easy enough but i can’t see it in 3d view (not sure if i am supposed to) but the background image does not render, what am I doing wrong?


You won’t see it, except in renders (F12).
Uh, wait; that’s not true; there’s a way of having an image loaded for like tracing stuff;
I only used that feature once, though; can’t remember how it’s done…

Like I said it does not render, there must be another step I have to make for it to render. The image appears in the preview screen so i know I am loading it, just does not render.