Adding bevel to path without adding thickness

I hope these screenshots illustrate the issue. I just want a small bevel to my 2D path objects, but adding any bevel at all, always adds thickness, which makes the gaps between the shapes smaller and smaller the more round the bevel is.

Is there a way to counter this effect, or stop it from happening? I just want to bevel the edges while keeping them at the same size, the way it normally works on a 3D object.

You could try the match the offset on the geometry tab with the depth value, adding a - before it.

So, if your depth is 0.00005 you could use an offset of -0.00005. Don`t know if it’s a good approach but I do that sometimes =P

Why not use a bevel modifier?

Hey, that works! Thank you!

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Because when I convert the path to “mesh”, it becomes a mess, and really hard to just select the top edge with all the triangles on the top surface.

If I can stick with the path modifiers, then it’s less destructive too.

Awesome, glad it worked!!

After playing with it, it works to a point. If you push it too far, you start to lose the original shape of the object, the smaller rounded corners become sharper.

I think for more detailed control we might want to convert to mesh and get that bevel modifier to work. But, good for now.

But you can add bevel mod to curve…?
Then again maybe there is something I don’t understand about the object in question :thinking:

Oh well, glad you solved it.

Just heading out quickly, I’m trying it but it’s having no effect. Maybe I’m not getting the settings right. Will be something I’ll have to come back to.

Actually, I would like a better solution than the one I marked as the solution, because it actually alters the overall shape, it “melts” away the curves into sharper corners, the more bevel you apply.

But here’s what happens with the Bevel modifier. I just cannot get it to work, tweaking random settings, I either get no result, or the below result:

Could you send a .blend with just a few of those curves?