Adding car to other game

So I have a moving car etc and I want to put it from my test blend to my track blend, but it’s wayyy to big and resizing freaks it out. What do I have to do to mak it work?

shift f1, (append link) load time will be long if your file size is big

I’ve done that but the car is two big for the track, and my track has a LOT of pros I don’t want to resize them all.

ugh… use groups and link?

Eh will that help with resizing the car down and not cause it to freak out?

you either size the track up, or size the car down. If you size the car down, remember the scale factor(0.5, 0.75) and it will be easier the change your constraints.

So where do I change that, in the script?

If you link everything will be local/relative. so no

What are you trying to append that’s “so big”? Why is it so big? Does it have lots of faces, or is the size really just too big?

If it’s just a scaling issue, once you’ve imported, hit N and set scale by typing in the number. Scaling in editmode will also speed up the rendering. If it has any modifiers like Subsurf, you can turn those off too.

If the problem is lots of faces/modifiers, it’s unlikely that it’s going to run at any playable speed anyways in the game engine…

Oh. Also you can jst apply scale and rotation ctrl+a. That should fix scaling issues. Just scale the object first :slight_smile:

This is for the game engine so it’s a big difference because the car litterly freaks out when scaling anything down :S I tried some of those and they didn’t work either :frowning:

You didn’t answer any of my questions at all…

If you need help, be descriptive of your problem. I can’t help you if I don’t know what the problem is, and I can’t tell you why it didn’t work.

What is slow? Why is it slow? You’ve been around enough here on the forums that that’s something you should be able to tell me.

Ok here’s what I got:

I have a car, 4 wheels and a scene I can drive around. Fine. I have another blend with a track and lots of props, but it’s to small for the car and in order to get the correct scaling I would have to scale the track WAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY up, so big it might be impossible to edit anymore. So I figure, “heck I’ll scale the car down” and it just doesn’t work. Normally ir freaks out and flys all around, this time the wheels are like “Wth …” lol huge. I don’t know why all of a sudden this is happening.

Theres my info, heres the video. If you want a blend I can get one for you also.

Sorry I meant to big in size, and this isn’t a render so I can’t simply scale it down.

You still aren’t answering my question.

I get that it’s big. The question is WHY IS IT SLOW.

Is it slow because it has a high polycount? What made it so big? Are you importing it from somewhere else? It doesn’t really make any sense.

If it really is scaled SO big, why can’t you just scale it down? You’re not explaining anything.

Try these steps:

Select the car
Hit Ctrl-A to apply the scale/rotation
Hit N to bring up the transform window.
Lock the Scale and set the scale to something small like .001
Go back to step 2, or stop if it’s scaled down enough.

If not, post a blend.

Where did I say anything about slow?

for an example take this

and scale down the car and tires a lot to see wghat happens

Are you ignoring me? I told you exactly what to do… wtf is wrong with you? You’re acting like your drunk/stoned… lol… seriously, did you get dumber overnight?

wth … I tried your idea and it’s the same as all the others…

I downloaded the .blend and scaled down the car and weels, and nothing strange appened ( just the weel were off-place since you will need to change te script )

Maybe what you should do is leave the car to its scale and make the track bigger ( 1 blender unit = 1 meter - usually that’s the standard, so try to keep the dimension real ), and remember to use CTRL+A to apply scale when you are done and N to see the object transform properties box…

If you have other problems, please state them precisely and/or post a .blend, saying the car “freaks out” will do nothing good…

Cya =)

I would make the track bigger but it would be hard to edit it because the size would be so big you wouldn’t be able to see all of it (you know when you zoom our in blender a long ways things disappear?)

I can try it though :smiley: