Adding Chinese Characters to the Video Sequence Editor

I’m relatively new to the relatively not new (like 10 years or more) users here and I’m hoping someone can help me out.

Ultimately I’m looking to add graphic animated subtitles to an educational video and someone recommended blender.

So far I’ve deleted that box that appears on start-up. I then add text, go to edit mode and try to paste the desired characters from a UTF-8 file. (For some reason the file viewer didn’t see the file until I added a .txt extension, which is only strange because I’m using Linux) I selected the file only to find that Chinese Characters in the file only displayed as blank boxes.

I thought the particular font might be the problem so I applied some fonts that I Know support Chinese characters to no avail. I even changed my keyboard to type chinese just to see if it was possible (though I had no idea what I was typing) with no luck.

Before posting here I looked to see if anyone else has run into this problem, and it looks like it’s been resolved:

So any help would be appreciated, this has really got me scratching my head and I don’t know what to try next.

One way is to do your Chinese character work in Inkscape or Illustrator. Then outline the font and export that as a SVG file. Blender can work with SVG just fine. This means if you need to change your copy/text you have to go through the import SVG process all over again. It is not that hard to do and is certainly not a show-stopper. Try to get all your copy approved and final before you begin the process.

Thanks for the help, but I found the solution!

Or rather, this guy did: