Adding Clothes

What is a method to add clothes in blender? Like would you duplicate the body, like for a shirt duplicate the torso and part of arms. Then sculpt detail and add to this? like wrinkles flaps, or designs (for armor like stuff) Sorry if this makes no sense, just let me know if it doesn’t.

Select the portion of your mesh that would be the shirt. SHIFT-d to duplicate, CTRL+s to scale on the normals to make it bigger, “p” to create it’s own object.

Then have at it…

not really. model over the body with correct topology then shrink wrap.

A whole lot depends on the kind of clothing you’re doing. It’s handy to dupe and re-sculpt, but as mentioned the topology may not be ideal for cloth. Modeling over the body is good for clothes that will be animated with the cloth sim, but can be tricky when put under armature control because matching vertex weights with the body parts can be difficult. I usually use a combination of the two approaches, duping body sections and then reworking the topo fairly thoroughly when needed, but for some types of garment, like scarves or capes or rigid armor pieces, starting from scratch is better. Then again, if the character never changes clothes/armor, just model it all in place, no need for a body underneath.