Adding Color?


I’m new to blender and very new to this website. I’m not 100% sure if this post goes here but I think it does…anyways.

Recently I’ve been modeling a spaceship. I have been trying to add color to it, which is sort of working. But my big problem at the moment is that I want to make different parts of the ship different colors. When I select the object in object mode it selects the whole thing. I want to know how to divide it up into parts so I can color each section differently. It’s not made from one big peice, there are many different shape that were added together to make the spaceship.

thanks alot!

UV unwrap it. you added your other shapes when you were in edit mode, correct?

videos (the last one):

there are several ways to achieve this.
go to edit mode, select all vertices of a section and hit “p” tp seperate them. the section is now a new object and you can give it a new material.
or, if you want to have the ship as one object, select all vertices of the section, go to edit buttons (F9), link and materials-panel, under “material” hit “new” and “assign”. you can even change the color of the new material on the little color field. now go to shading buttons(F5) and adjust the new material ( better name, shaders etc).
have a look:
excellent site for learning!

Thanks guys, hopefully I’ll get everything working soon.