Adding control points to curves - without Subdivide menu?

Is it possible to add control points and vertices like in ie. Illustrator?

  1. you select the curve
  2. point cursor over edge on actual spot where to place controlpoint
  3. click and a new point is placed and connected to the curve.

Have tried several times do this in different mouse-key-combinations but cannot figure out how to do it. Sometimes this mount a new point (and affecting the actual curve), sometimes one begin a new curve.

I just know of the subdivision method, where you must move the created point around afterwards.

Any ideas?

you cannot add points in middle of curve
only way is to subdivide it as i know of !

other way is to delete segment then add other points and F key and then C to close a curve !


Thanks. I’ll go on with it as so. Just wanted to know that I hadn’t missed something. Kind regards.

If you need more control points between two existing points, subdivide is the way to go. However you can setup the curve so that you can extrude the contol point at one end to create a new one.

Thanks. Well, I agree, but your latter option (“extrude the contol point at one”), can you tell how? To me it seems no difference between G-key(grab move) and E-key (extrude) in this case. Though shift-D (dublicate) just produce another isolated point but beyond the edge of the kurve.

I guess you mean deleting a segment between two points and then extrude the one of them and thereafter re-connect (F-key) to fill the missing segment, right?

In that case I think Subdivision limited to a segment between two selected points is the way to go in Blender.

Kind regards, Mikael


Great and thorough video instruction on curve editing you left. I wish I’ve seen it earlier :wink: I’ll keep the url for the future. Kind regards and thanks from Mikael

It is from an introductory syllabus on Blender 2.5. There are more videos and also exercises.

Look also: User Preferences-> AddOns-> Add Curve-> Curve Tools. Very handy possibilities. I recommend.


Again I learned something new. Thanks!
Kind regards