Adding cracks to glass without screwed up smoothing?

i’m trying to add cracks to a glass weapon for a game, but every time i do it, the polys get un-even and the smoothing screws up, and smoothing is very important for this game.

heres a pic of part of the glass

i want to add cracks the face, the edges and the sharp blade end.

does anyone have any advice on how to add cracks, without having ugly smoothing?

A few different approaches:

  • If you insist on modelling the cracks into the mesh, have triple edgeloops (close together) for each crack.
  • Alternatively, have them as a UV texture. The bonus is that it’s easier to make adjustments this way.
  • If your glass object is thick and you need to see the cracks through the thickness (as opposed to textured onto the outer shell) then have the cracks as a separate “tree” object, floating in the middle of the glass.

can you maybe show an example on making a crack with the triple edge loops? i’m a little confused by that. also, i dont want the cracks inside the glass, i want it on the outside. like part of the outside is chipped off.

try edge split modifier on your original… it might give you the look you need, keeping the smoothing, but making sharp edges sharp… I’m not exactly sure what your issue is.