Adding Custom Models

Heyo person who decides to read this! Anyhow, I came across the concept of using models in different projects and I’m not sure how to work that out. I have several models that I’m working on and I know I’m going to be working with them the future a lot in various projects. Now, lemme see if I can word this properly, I want to be able to use multiple models in the same project/file. I don’t want to remake the same model for every project I use it in. I know I could just save it as a different file, but I also don’t want to have every model on one file because of memory and lag purposes.
What I’m basically asking here is how am I able to move separate models into one file like how you do with the user preferences and in Source Filmmaker.

Thanks in Advance & I hope that made sense. :slight_smile:

Shift-A allows you to append files, that is what you were looking for.

Okay thank you that helps :slight_smile: