Adding downloaded materials

Hi Blenderers!

I would like to add materials that I downloaded from the internet.
I found 2 version of materials to load into blender:

  1. one from .blend format which I succesfully loaded it by:
    File -> link -> .blend -> material folder ->

  2. set of <*>.tiff images of: height, albedo , ambientOcclusion, metallic, opacity, specularLevel, normal and roughness.
    I guess I need to connect them to material node but I’m not sure which for each of them.
    Is there a convention for this or I should add it as I see it to be correct?
    I saw it in several websites.

In general, I just want to load it to an object and I’m going to use it often,
so I’m looking for easy and fast way to do (as I did in (1) format)
I work in python often and I don’t care to code general code for it,
but I need to know exactly what are the proper nodes.

Use the Principled BSDF shader. Connect the main texture image file to Base Color node. Connect Metallic imafe file to Metallic node (?). Specular image file to Specular node. Roughness file to Roughness node. Normal is a little different in that you need a NormalMap or Bump (best) vector node in between the Image Texture node and the Principled BSDF shader.

All of the files will use the same material and UV map.

The node set-up should look something like this:

This is the quickest set-up I know and is very easy in 2.8.

Here’s a vdeo that I think will explain it very well:

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it looks like it’s easy to write a python script for it for using multiple times, I’ll do it.