Adding edges doesn't create new faces?

I’m trying to get the hang of the very basics, and there’s something I don’t quite understand. I’ve tried searching for answers, but “edges” and “vertices” return a mountain of results, and answers to questions like “how to add new edges” end up telling me to do what I’m already doing.

If I have a basic square plane in Edit mode, and I bisect it by adding two vertices (subdiving two opposite edges) and connecting them with a new edge (selecting the new vertices and pressing F), it doesn’t actually seem to change the face at all. When I attempt to select one of what appear to be two faces in “face select,” I can still only select the entire original face. I can select the new edge with “edge select” and move/scale it around, but it behaves… oddly. Sometimes it comes off the plane or creates new un-editable geometry, or only appears to work at certain angles.

I’ve got a simple model I’m using to learn a bit (based on YanSculpts’s 2.8 tutorial video), but it’s a complete mess now because I can’t figure out how to fix this. All of the other methods of changing the model, like extruding, loop cuts, and insetting faces work perfectly. Simply adding vertices and connecting them seems to mangle everything pretty badly, though.

connect them by pressing J (join?), that should do it. I’m using F if I’m extending an edge by ctrl clicking from a vertex and try to re-connect it, or for filling holes mostly.

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Thanks for the reply, that fixed it :slight_smile:

I’m a little curious about the difference between these two actions, and the actual utility of F (not really sure what you mean about reconnecting a vertex or filling holes, to be honest), but I should probably stick to simple stuff for now.

It’s like you make a plane, select one vertex, ctrl-click away to create a shape you want, you’d have an open shape, just select the 2 endpoint vertices and hit F, that’d close it. Afterwards you can select an open edge, hit F a few times, that’d fill it with polys. Try it out, it’s quite fun :slight_smile:

But yes, not sure why it’d be an option for connecting verts on a closed surface - then again, this is usually when you’ll get someone screaming “… but this is how I do such and such” and it just remains as an option.

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Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks again!

Naked edges (no attached faces) that don’t render can be used for certain utility purposes. Stuff like scaffold for the skin modifier or stitching/spring edges for cloth sim. Or just convenient guides for things like snapping or doing knife project on some other object.

Yeah they can cause some awkwardness if you’re not aware of them being with unattached faces, but they do have their uses.