Adding Edges to a complex shape for smoothing


I created a sphere with some modifiers and would like to smooth shade it. The edges should still be pretty hard, so I have to add some more edges around the sides. Fastest way would have been to add the bevel modifier with 2 or 3 segments and a pretty small amount. But as you could see in the image, there are some areas where this workflow is creating problems. I could use extrude command instead of the solidify modifier and extrude the “Depth” first just a little bit, then more and then again just a little bit to add the extra edges to the “Depth”, but then I still got no extra edge on the front. I hope there is a better way to solve this problem in blender :wink:

Personally, I’d just mark those edges sharp, which acts like using an edge split modifier and says “don’t smooth this bit”.

If you are only interested in shading (and use Cycles) you can try the bevel node for your material:

Autosmooth ?

A few good tips and as I just started learning blender, I guess all of them will become useful in some situations. Thanks