Adding effects of multiple forces

Hello everybody,
I’m interested in simulating the effect of many different forces applied to a particles system. The problem is that in Blender, when I use more than one attractive or repulsive Force, it doesn’t Add the single effects of different forces, but it consider only one Force positioned in the middle point of my Forces system.
How can I get an effect like this?

The same happens when I use more Twist Forces.
Anyone have done something like this before?



Ok, I found a possible solution.
Is it possible to recreate a similar field in blender using Texture Forces and assigning a spherical gradient texture with inverted colors to all the forces.

Anyway, I think that this is a little issue of the Blender Particles System. Hoping to find a more intuitive solution in future, that works also for other types of forces :wink:

hmm, how about magnetic with fall off?