Adding external data textures to an object doesn't work

Hello everyone.
I am trying to add some textures to an object. I have blender version 2.77.
I’ve imported a Bos fbx into blender and when I try to add textures to this object nothing happens. Can anyone help me out to solve this problem?

Is the object UV mapped?

Can I see your material nodes?

Hello and thank you for your reply. I’m a beginner in 3d I only know a few things. The object is a 3d model and it has textures and they were working perfectly in his original format (PMX). My problem is that I want to load this model in blender. I can load the model but not the textures as they do not apply on the model in version 2.77. I tried using Blender version 2.79 I can load the model but the bones no longer function. Here I can add textures perfectly but I want textures and armature on the model.

I don’t know what is material nodes.

I see…

I’m not familiar with the PMX format.

A screenshot would be useful, anyhow. If you can show material settings that would help.

How can I see material settings?


Click the selected icon.

I forgot to mention I was able to convert PMX into FBX ascii so the model is FBX ascii.

It may be that you have to put the textures back on by hand. Look up a tutorial on adding textures.

Could you recommend me one please?

You do have to put in some effort yourself. Google “Blender Texturing beginner tutorial”

I’m sorry for all the silly questions but as I said before I’m new in 3D and need a lot of help I tried to search for tutorials before coming here and I thought I could find help here and not on another website or telling me to do it myself. I went into a lot of 3D community forums and I see the same reply: ‘‘to learn by yourself’’ instead of offering some real help. I can’t learn anything on my own If no one wants to help me or I find only incomplete tutorials or too hard. But thank you anyway for having patience with me. :slight_smile:


Sorry I snapped. 3D has a steep learning curve.

I am happy to help you, but I think asking you to look up a tutorial on a certain subject is reasonable. You will probably learn better by watching a dedicated video than getting help in a series of tit-bits over a forum.