Adding extruding circles from circular planes

I’ve seen several threads about this already, but im still not sure about about the answer.
How important is it to join meshes, if my plan is to use it in an animation later on? I still want it to look nice and neat though.

Since i havn’t done alot of animation or used any models in game engines yet, i dont really know how important it is. Its pieces like this im unsure how to model in a good way, without using several non-connected meshes.

I Can’t really find a smooth way to connect those extruded circles, without adding tons of extra geometry, or creating a really ugly mesh. Can i keep it this way, or is there a good way to do this?


Does it give you the finished result you want. If so that’s all that matters.

Well, this looks really well, but im not sure how it would work when i rig and animate it. Can seperate meshes like this, create problems? And will it work well if i imported it to like, Unity, for using it in a game?

It might be fine to leave it the way it is providing that the animation doesn’t involve mesh deformation (where it otherwise might need a smooth transition between the main wheel and its parts).

The requirement of joining the parts in a smooth way would also apply if you need smooth material transitions and/or seamless texture mapping.

Happy New Year All!

Problem like this is all about connecting the dots! So start form rough layout to reduce the number of dots. Remember that roughness can be made smooth with Subsuface modifier. Loop geometry is important with round form like this. Lay it out as such. Then connect the dots. Make quad faces. Close the hole with [E] Extrude, then [W] Merge center. Once you have the main loops, you can add loop cuts, and details all over to make it a finer model:

Thanks alot for the replies, and happy new year to everyone =) Very nice layout ridix, when i tried that it got so messed up, i didn’t think it would work. I need to practice that a bit more!