Adding Eyes To Head/Face Mesh?

So in the past, whenever I’ve modeled a head and opted to model sockets for the eyes, I’ve always had trouble then inserting the separate eye mesh in a way that doesn’t have obvious intersections between the two meshes.

In other words, how do you shape your face mesh in such a way that both objects appear solid and not like the eye is somehow passing through the eye lids or vice versa?

Does that make sense?

I’ve been able to get it to the point where it looks Ok from one angle, but then if I try to animate the eyes to have them look a different direction, suddenly they intersect with my face mesh again.

Thoughts? I feel like I’m missing some really simple technique, and I’m going to kick myself later.

there is a video tut on alien at cgcookie site
it does have some constaint applied to the eye and seems to work well

try it !


Thanks! Think I found a tutorial that solved it, will let you know once it’s done.