Adding geometry within animation

Hi Guys,

Perhaps there is an obvious answer to this but after looking a bit I couldn’t find one. How do I animate geometry being created, extruded and otherwise modified? I don’t want to alter an object into a different shape, I want to actually add vertices to the object and show that happening in the animation. I appreciate your help!

You can grow a shape along a curve. This involves having two curves, one is the path and the other is the profile. Then you can just animate the Start and Stop points for growth. Also, there is the Build modifier you can add to any mesh which will cause the faces to reveal over time. Another technique is shape keys. Essentially you pre-plan what you want to model/reveal and assign each step as a shape key then animate through the keys over time.

Ah, I see. I consider those methods work-arounds and was kind of hoping there was a more direct method but I think you would know if there was. I will work it out. Thanks for the help!