Adding gunwales to my boat

Hi newbie here but learning as i get time , I am in the process of trying to recreate my fathers old boat and I was wondering if there were any tips I could get on this one . I know there are alot of really great modelers here and it is a bit intimidating but i have to learn sometime, I started with a block and subdivided , and kept moving things around till I got some what of what im looking for ,and then I started looking ahead to putting gunwhales around the hull, the gunwhales are on a angle as well , , should this be a separate object or add it to boat? And how would I go about this and what tool would you recomend.pic,Like I said its my first try at this so any help is good help,.just need direction , seen a few tutorials but its older blender.

Whether separate object or not is probably not of much consequence, as I assume it shall be just a fixed and rigid thing (no deform, animation). If you keep it separate you can choose the subdiv level independently, but that also matters only when you need to save geometry. If you should decide to use a curve object to model it, then of course it would have to be different object.

To model it, what I would do is model the cross section first, then give it depth (in a way that follows the ship’s rim). This means you can either:

  • model the cross section with a curve object, then use it as the bevel object for another curve which follows the rim of the hull
  • model the cross section as a mesh object, then use the extrude operation on it repeatedly to make it follow the rim piecewise (the subdiv will smooth it out).

Hi thanks for reply , Im looking into curve objects and beizier curves now but it will take awhile to get my head around it , there are so many different tools ,lol