Adding in a custom third person model and animations (Unity 5)

So I am making a Dinosaur game in Unity 5. A big problem is I don’t know how to add in the playable Dinosaur in with third person controls. Please can anyone help?
(Don’t help with the animations parts as I’ll know what to do at that point)

Take a look at some of the examples in the Character package within the Standard Assets to get started. Basically, you will need to write a script (or several) to (a) get input, (b) drive the physics, and © drive the animations.
(a) Input:
(b) Physics will either use the Character Controller ( or a Rigidbody controller. Rigidbody controllers are more work, so you might want to use a Character Controller to begin with.
© Alternately, you could drive the character movement with the animations This works well with Rigidbody controllers.