Adding "Isolate" (aka "Local View") hotkey to the Properties Editor?

Struggled w/this for a while. --Still struggling.

Various hotkeys are so useful they should be shared between 3dView, Outliner, and Properties windows. I’m trying to add “Isolate” ( numpad-/ ) to the Properties window, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

When you are trying to trigger a command/action in a window other than the one the cursor is over, is there some special voodoo that needs to be added to the entry in the keymap editor? For the 3dView, “view3d.localview” is the command in the keymap editor for 3dView, but over the Properties window this doesn’t trigger.

ask in python forum !

but this would need a new panel in one of the property panel
then add a new button to call this function !

or modify the property panel in the UI sub folder
but this would need to be change each time you get a new blender version

why not use it as is ?
I mean easy to find on the num keyboard !

happy bl

Because it is rubbish that it ONLY works when the cursor is over the 3dView window. I want it to work in all windows.