Adding Kinematic Character Movement to Dynamic Objects

I want to add the character object’s ability to move along surfaces to dynamic objects, since that’s pretty much the only think I’ve seen people want to use the character object to accomplish. From what I can tell, it’s easier to add one new function to an established object than it is to flesh out a new type altogether.

My initial questions are as thus:

  • Where is Bullet located within Blender?
  • Where is the main processing (per-frame calculations) done for Bullet?
  • Where is the character object processed?

From what I’m seeing, character objects are handled before the main work is done with physics proper. What I aim to do is re-work that layer of calculations to run through the engine’s dynamic objects as well, applying kinematic movements as needed.

I know this will not be easy, but I feel it would be for the best.

Any and all help is appreciated. I’m gonna pour through Bullet’s own documentation, next. Thank you for your time.

The game engine runs in a specific loop in “KX_KetsjiEngine.cpp”. I have only looked at the rendering loop but from what I remember the main loop follows a fairly straight forward “get input, process logic, process physics, render” loop.