Adding "light bulbs"

So I am on to the next step in my project (thank you all so much for all of the help you are an amazing community).

Logo I photoshopped (from scratch):

I have been working for well over 20 hours on this (it is sad I know but I have never used blender before hand).

I created the border and ran into a few problems:

  1. I don’t know how to make individual and independent spheres (when I make and copy them to keep them lined up with shift+d and use x to drag on the axis they seem to be grouped or something).

Answer: When selecting the sphere object, select the outer ring. This was my mistake and I am leaving it here for observers to find.

  1. I don’t know how to add light to them (kind of like headlights?:

Also, if someone has a more efficient way of evenly spacing a bunch of spheres let me know.


When you duplicate an object, two things happen: it creates the duplicate and enters transform mode so that you can move it.
While you move, you can constrain it to an axis (by pressing X/Y/Z).
You can also snap to grid (the default snapping mode, increment) by holding down ctrl which snaps to visible grid units, or by holding down ctrl+shift which snaps to grid unit one zoom level down that to visible. So if you see grid that is 1x1 blender units, you can move your object 1BU increments with ctrl, and by holding down ctrl+shift you can move 0.1BU increments.

Blender has two rendering engines which are almost completely different. I’m going to assume you use the default one.
You could add a basic material to them (and make it shadeless white), place lamps near each one if you need the actual light, and after rendering, add blur/glow/streaks effects to those white dots you get from the spheres.

I also mentioned how you can get them placed in the other thread, with array. You could use two array modifiers on one sphere to get two rows of spheres.

Thank you, I will add that to my list of tuts to read through. I duplicated them one at a time, and got nice even rows by constraining to move on the axis, but now I just need to get the texture/lights on them.

The Array Modifier:-

If you want your lights to glow you can add a material to them and in the shading option increase the emit value.

In that case, also indirect lighting from the world panel has to be enabled and sample/passes count up from gather.

Thanks guys I will be trying these ideas.