Adding logic bricks

OK, this is just me musing around, but would it be “nice” to be able to add new logic bricks to the BGE much in the same way that one can add GUI to one’s python scripts?

I picture it working like this: you have a python script, you run it, and tadaa, new logic brick(s). Like condensing all the logic bricks for movement just being able to have one single one for player movement with everything preset (keyboard links, forces etc…). and editable if need be…
Of course linking a huge script to keyboard input might do too, but I’d rather have a new sensor/controller/actuator combo for all conventional types of movement.

That would be really cool!

There should be preset “Starters” like, mouse aim actuator, and make the “Track To” actuator have track to a nearest property.

hoxolotl, I think that is a cool idea.

But is it possible?

You can do something like that in python with functions. If you save it as a .py file, you can import it when you need it. You can do other things like respond to dynamics. Like, say you want the user to choose the key controls. You could have them push a key and then enter it as a GameLogic variable. The functions could then read the variable and fill in the information for the sensor at the start of the game. The logic bricks make a good starting point, but the real flexibility comes from using python scripting.

Learn how to use python in combination with logic bricks. In one of my games, the character only has one keyboard sensor set to all keys linked to a python controller and then to an empty motion actuator. The script uses the GameKeys module to get what key was pressed then assigns the proper motion to the motion actuator and activates the motion actuator. Somewhat complicated to explain but search and it will come to you eventually. If I can find the resourses I used I’ll give you a link to them.