Adding Logo Using Composite Nodes

Is it possible to add a logo using the composite nodes? I want it to render above the render when I render the image. I added an Image node to the composite nodes and hooked it to the "composite’ node, but I don’t see it in my scene. How do I see it above my 3d image or can I?


Go to Properties then Post Proccessing tab, then tick Compositing. This will enable nodes over your scene. In the nodes window make sure you have selected “Use Nodes” in the bottom bar. You must also add another input node to access the scene that you are rendering. So press shift+A and select Input-render Layers, then add a mix node and conect the renderlayer and the image of the logo to that (background on top) then take the output to composite (output) node.

If the logo has an alpha channel then use the Alpha Over node instead of Mix.

xThanks. so I tried to follow your instructions but I am not sure of the order you hooked the nodes in so I tried my best but something is wrong. So what does the render layers node do? Currently when I render I get only grass and no logo. :frowning: Could you please tell me what order to put the nodes in. (see image below).

Here is my render (no type)

This is one way of adding a logo. The logo is an image file and it has a scale and translate node so its size and position can be adjusted on top of the rendered scene


Thanks Richard.

Q1. Stupid question but how did you select the image from the “render node” I created a texture and loaded my image but I can’t figure out how to add it to the “Render Node”?

Q2. My example should work (below) if I am not correct, but any ideas why the image “Zoomed In” in the Composite Node when it looks fine in the “Viewer” node? When I render I get the same (zoomed) image as in the Composite node. I’m sure it’s something simple I’m missing. :slight_smile:

Its just an image file so from the compositor menu use Add / Input / Image, use the node to browse to the image.

Figured it out Richard. The text image was too small for the scene so I used “Scale” and it worked. :slight_smile: Thanks! Not sure what “Render Layers” differs from “Image” unless it just allows you to use more layers from the Texture panel.

For what it’s worth, I normally do those things “in post” using a third-party video editing tool. It could also be done in Blender’s Sequence-Editor using the AlphaOver filter. To me, “it’s just easier that way.”

In general, I use Blender to put together everything that requires “three-dimensional,” then I switch to other tools (in many cases) when the work becomes “two-dee.”

I just tried the alpha over for another thread problem, and found that it acted like an add function so I made it an Alpha Under effect.

So how would I fade-in my logo over time?
What node do I animate to achieve that?

Seriously? (no smiley sooo…) key frame the mix node mix value? Or go old school and place a time node on the front of the value.

Sorry if you are being facetious, text doesn’t translate it well.