Adding Loop cuts distorts Mesh

I’ve made a smooth curve on my model,(subsurface modifier is applied) But when I add more loop cuts on the top side of my mesh, the smooth circle gets distorted. I want to be able to add details where the curve is without distorting the initial curve. I tried moving the vertices around, but the curve becomes jagged and messy. Is there a way to achieve adding more geometry without tampering the curve?

Thank you.

That’s always going to happen in that situation. A solution would be to model the curve with a higher number of verts so that they could be matched up with the desired amount of geometrry you are adding with these loop cuts. Subdivision Surface modifier really needs points evenly spaced out (and along the desired curve) to work.

A workaround, if the top surface is going to remain flat and you don’t mind ngons, would be to temporarily hide two of the faces (marked in yellow - along with, I assume two other face we can’t really see on the front or bottom) before doing the loop cuts. Hiding these will prevent the loops from touching the curve. Then just Alt+H to unhide.


Thanks for the reply john. the reason I used less verts in the beginning was, because almost every tutorial I follow, they say, try to do with less loop cuts, and verts, rather than adding more on the the mesh, to avoid complication. Ill give it a try and see how I go.

Kind regards.

I added more loop cuts adding furthermore geometry which did the trick in order to add UI elements. But the only downfall to this was that the semi circle loop wasn’t as smooth, and was hard to adjust so many vertices to smooth it out. Do you know any add-on which could help which can curve vertices to make them seem more clean and less jagged?

The Subdivision Surface modifier is still the route to go down to smooth everything out, but you need to kind of plan ahead when thinking how loop cuts made later might impact it. Something like this might work better

There are a fair number of ngons there, but they could be easily made into quads with a bit of Knife tool cutting or joining vertices with J.

Do you have a method which a curve could be applied on the mesh, without using the subsurface modifier. I tried some methods but with no particular luck. I added many subdivisions with the intentions of getting a nice curve. But once I add the circle tool, it becomes a mesh.