Adding markers in VSE

Well I could not find a proper support board for VSE, so since video editing is kind of like animation, I am thinking this is the correct board?

On with my description and question:
I added a song to my video clip, and I plan to have words do different transitional effects when a word matches my topic of the video. For example, If my video topic is about Surperman, and the singer says, and please excuse my lame rhyming, “don’t be surprise that I can fly…”.The words “surprise” and “fly.” rhyme with each other and fly best describes my topic since this is what Superman can do.

Now I know the best method would be to add markers to these important words, which I have done this type of work before. However, this project, has a singer who speaks 100 words per-minute. Ok, maybe that is exaggerating a bit, but hopefully you get my point. So, does Blender have audio scrubbing or if its possible to temporarily slow down the song?

Good morning. This question probably should be in the Compositing and Post-Processing board but, hey, as long as I’m here :smile:
I don’t believe you can scrub audio (someone correct me if I’m wrong). You can change the speed of your audio using the incorrectly-named “Pitch” setting in the VSE properties panel, but be aware that your video will not automatically sync to the speed-change, defeating the purpose of what you’d like to do. You could add a Speed Control modifier to the video strip but as far as syncing goes, you’re on your own.

Aha! I knew you could audio-scrub in Blender!

Well, how d’ya like that?! :smile: Thanks, @yogyog !

I am so embarrased. I thought I had looked at all menu items, but I must of glanced over it. Anyway, Thank you for your help

There are a lot of items in a lot menus on a lot of panels - i tend to find things by google searching rather than exhaustively going through every menu.