Adding matcaps to the default ones?

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I’m not quite sure if my question does fit in this forum but I have to try:

I was just wondering if I could add some more of those matcaps to the default ones. So, I browsed the source code hoping that I might find the location(s) in which the default matcaps are implemented in blender. However, I could not find it yet. Maybe you guys can point me in the right direction where I can find the files related to matcaps in the source tree? Or maybe you can give me some sort of basic outline of how the matcaps are implemented in the sources?

I appreciate any idea or suggestion :slight_smile:


Well, I found where the preview images are stored for the matcaps, i.e. the images that show up in the selection menu when matcap shading is checked. What would happen if I replaced one of those images and recompile blender? Would I only see a different preview image or would blender use this new image as the actual matcap material?

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For example, it looks like you can replace the images:

I don’t know even if you can add even more matcaps as well.

hi const,

looks promising! thanks for the hint. I’ll give it a shot.