Adding Material Questions

Hello, so i am working on a Model right now, and i have a issue when it comes to Materializing it, because it seems so blocky or triangled.

Is there some easy fix for this? because its quite annoying really :o

And is there a way to get mat color?

and when i am rendering, I have these small pixels, like if you look at TV with bad signals but not that bad. any setting to fix this too?

Thanks!: )

blocky / triangulated: Select your object, open the tools panel (hit t) and under shading, click ‘smooth’ Also in the modifiers (Wrench icon) add a subsurf modifier

The pixels (I am guessing are due to low samples in cycles) By default the max samples is 10, which is never under enough. Under render settings (the camera) go down to samples. Increase preview and render. Try 100, 300, 1000. Every scene is different. If you set preview samples to 0 it will render indefinitely.

Well I Tried that, but it didnt work. here is a picture on how it does look
it dosent make sense for me why on earth the material thing would be so Flashy when i took the entire model and painted it on.

Weird patterns like this are in most cases a sign of overlapping geometry: Two objects occupying exactly the same space so that the renderer gets confused which one is supposed to be on top (aka “Z-fighting”).

Look out for doubled geometry, redundant mirror modifiers, etc.

And btw, if you had posted that image at the start of this thread, you had saved us the guesswork and would have gotten your answer faster.

Oh yeah, that’s doubles and bad normals

edit mode, tools panel (hit t) select all verts (A), click ‘remove doubles’ button
ctrl-n (recalculate normals)

Awesome! I thought i had done something real bad! haha. but fixed now! thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@IkariShinji Yeah i should’ve… learned a lesson there ^^