Adding meshes with custom vertice number

I’d like to add lets say a circle mesh with 5 vertices and in older blender versions I could define this in the popup window after selecting the mesh. Where is this feature in the blender 2.5? If it still exists. Or is there a different way of adding a “custom” mesh?


Nevermind… i’m blind! Disregard or delete this post please.

I must be blind, because i can’t figure it out. How is it done?

Press Shift-A add your circle, and note how a little box pops up on the left side.


The box on left does not appear for me when I do that. Is there something that needs to be turned on or is my blender broken?

Thanks for help

Press “T” key to open/close the “Object Tools” toolbar on the left side of the screen and this window opens in the toolbar on the bottom when you add a new mesh.

Thanks about the Object tools on left side of screen. I do have it open when I add mesh, but the little box still does not pop up. Is there some other setting that needs to be activated/ deactivated. Thanks for help.

Starting to think there must be a bug.

If you have a very small + symbol in the bottom right of the 3d view press it to reveal the tool properties.
You can always press F6 wich shows the options in a floating panel.

F6 brought up some translate floating panel, but not the one i am looking for.


Finally thanks found the little plus sign

Thanks so much