Adding more vertices?

Say i want to add more vertices to a cube.Say it had x amount and i want it to have 2x amount.Im shure theres a way,but how?I dont remember how it was called.I think it started with ‘sub’.So does Blender have this

subdivide cube, face or age and you will get more vertices

In Edit mode, select needed face or edge and press ‘w’ key. There are 4 ways
of doing subdivision in this menu

I think thats it.Ill try,thanx!
BTW,is there an arc rotate tool in Blender like in 3dsmax?

OK,this was just what i wanted. :smiley:
A question though,i need to make some planes as one after editing the plane i need.Is there a quick way to ‘glue’ planes?(I tried Boolean Union,but it doesnt work with planes)

Not sure I understood the question 100%, but you can add two planes, move/rotate them so that two edges are touching each others, join both meshes (Ctrl + J), then remove doubles (W) in edit mode.

Say,in edit mode,i use ‘Subdivide Multi’ and set ‘Number of Cuts’ to 10.Then i have to to delete 1 of the planes created in subdivision.Now i want to join the other faces because its just useless and i dont want it to use the PCs power.

:confused: I’m confused, could you draw something up in paint or give us some screen shots XD

Uhh,how do you upload images?

Everything more simple:
I subdivide a plane and get 4 planes.I delete one of them.So now there are 3 planes.I want to make them 2 by combining 2 together.How do i do that?

print the screen you have in blender…and save it…
and then attach it to your next post here… im not sure what you are asking, and im pretty sure im not the only one…
that should clear things up…

mmm is a bit confusing, I think you miss understand sometthig :

look pictures… form upper left to lower right
is that you want ??

the final mesh have 8 vertex all of them in the same plane …


ohh i just forgot to tell you that the mesh have 2 different materials :wink:

^ Exactly.
Is this not right or something?

that’s the right way to do that, because the mesh doesn’t have ‘holes’ i mean you can have 2 planes and put as closest possible, and the joint them … but the hole stills so when you render it probably you will get strange artifacts …

so you have to put different materials to each face to get these effect.


edit: Ok,after using subdivide multy i get lots of quads.How do i join them?

Anybody? :frowning:

If I understand you well, you are looking for the Alt+M “Merge at Last” tool. When you select the unuseful vertices and finally one in the corner, this tool will merge the selection to the lastly selected vertex.

But you really don’t need to care about the system recources when subdividing just a single face :wink:

How do i do this?Do i just select the useless vertices with the RMB till i reach the one in the corner?Cause when i do this and press Alt+M and Merge at last,0 vertices are deleted.Am i doing something wrong?
PS.Isnt there a way to select 4 vertices and merge the quads inside?

Anybody :frowning: ?

Hi peoples.
I think you should look here.
Blender Modeling Tutorials
Especially this tutorial.
A High Tech Corridor.
That should help you some.

If you need some specific help, you can ask.

In edit mode, you can select the vertices inside a quad then delete them,
then press f to fill the new quad.
Then you could also select a face, press u for uv unwrap,
& repeat this for another face,
this allows you in Link & Material to add several texteres to faces on the one mesh.
I have done this with Willingtons example & got the shape down to 7 verts.
With two materials on two faces making up the object.
First delete the middle Edge. then delete the now loose Vertice.

bestseclub, just select the inner edges & delete them, then press f to make a new face.