Adding multiple characters to a scene?

Hi, I picked up blender again after a long hiatus and ran into a problem. How do I get multiple characters into the same scene?

Suppose I had Mancandy and Ludwig on my HDD, and wanted to make a scene with the two of them. The methods I tried (appending, linking) had Blender lecturing me that I had nothing selected.

Can someone break this down into mouse clicks as to how this is done?

Yes, “Append” is the good action!
It works well for me!
When “Appending”, you must browse you HD, find the “good” .blend, click again, the choose the desired directory ( Objects? Armatures?) click again, and then select the item you want!

Use “Append” like OTO says. This process generally imports only from the objects folder, due to the fact that any content in Blender is always an object to start with.

You can also use the “Link” option, but in that case you would have to separate your characters in different blend files.

Hi guys,
i guess this thread looks pretty intresting to me and im also stuck with this dillema,when linking library everything looks fine except the actual object is not active,so my guess is that linking lib is only good for trees and some other objects that dont explicity need to be changed in any dynamic options however when i append my character s file which is added to a group,i cant seem to find a way to place him in a different spot from where it is imported and neither scale it down,after pressing “p” to play the character right away gets bck to its default settings(locaction and scale),how come? how would i disable this kind of “reset” action?
thanks in advance and Ptbbastos sorry for crossing over ur thread,thats coz my original thread which looks similar to this one was not answered so i found useful to post the related issue here!
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The way I find it to work is this:

File - Append gets you to import content from another blender file, and makes it part of the file you’re working on.

File - Link just displays the object imported from another blender file, thus being blocked in the file you’re working on. In case you want to change an object which is linked, do so in it’s original blender file.

Could someone actually try to do this with a common free character like Ludwig or Mancandy) and report back the exact mouse clicks that make this doable? I cannot seem to figure it out. I understand the verb “append” is somehow involved here, but it’s not working for me.

Hi, I’m sorry, I figured it out.

Yes, one should “Append”, but that’s not all that you need to be aware of when importing a well-rigged character.

So, do the following:

  • FILE-- Append or Link
  • Select the .blend file of interest
  • Go to the Objects section
  • Right click on every-- yes, every item except maybe cameras
  • Hit “Load Library”
  • Now comes the tricky part. Go to the toggle invisibility buttons, and shift-click on all of them that have anything in them, if you want to see what all you have, let alone move things around. Different artists may have put things on different layers that you do or don’t want.

I think the two things that got me were:
i) I assumed if I had to right-click on more than a dozen things, then something is wrong.
ii) The models were putting some things on strange layers (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Hi Pterandon,
ok heres the thing,we usually append files which has been i ncluded into a group however when u do so at least in my case,the appended grou enherits its file x,zy coordinates and it gets sticky,even if u move it around,after pressing P to start the game,the appended files gets back on the same track as it was by default…i n other words u cant place the appended files in any other area coz no matter what they come back on to its default coordinates…so the best way is to Link libraries or group whatever u call it,coz u can have a list of groups so all u need to do is adding them to the scene or new file,BUUUTtt u cant make it active or use its dynamic options unless u click on the Apply>make duplicates real or if u make a proxy (maybe it works with cameras), at least for me it looks pretty tricky and kind of complicated …im no sure if this only happens to me or to any1 else…but as a workaround or maybe this is the way it should be…i appended the ground,trees,boxes and any other objects to the charact6ers original scene,so that way it imports its dynamics which are much less complicated so if i want to edit it ,i just click on apply>make duplicates real…i hope this is any clear for u guys!
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