Adding Multiple Transparency Textures on Top of Another Texture

I have this node set-up.

I want to add in more texture nodes (as seen in the red circle) for extra decals. I have already created the extra UV maps. I just need to know the proper way to add in that extra texture.

Can anyone help?

Nobody can answer this???

just add another mix factor for the two closest ones. Or after the existing one if you want to use another alpha. And so on, and so on, and so on… if you want to put stickers on your car glasses.

If you look at the image I posted, you will see that I already have exactly that set-up already.

I’m trying to add a third texture file input for another layer and don’t know how to connect the nodes.

He already answered you, you need to add more and more mixnodes as many as the texture you want to add.


Yes I understand that as my posted image shows, but as you will see if you look at it, I don’t know how to add in the extra mix nodes. I’m just asking for a simple diagram.

Are you telling me I should go somewhere else to ask for help?

Add another mix node where the tip of your arrow is

No. I was just telling read my message. By ‘and so on’ I mean that repeating the same scheme. Input and output from the mix you ll be able to add as many decal you need.
For example the red color in my first mix could be replaced by another mix output

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Okay, I think I understand now. Thank you very much!

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you are welcome.

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It’s probably pointless to post this link here now that you understood him, but some time ago I made a fairly elaborate post on how to recreate layers with texture nodes:

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