Adding multiply sounds per speaker.


I wonder if it possible to add more than one sound to speaker in Blender and maintain them in NLA editor. My character in animation uses various sounds and it would be a pain to maintain 11 speakers at once attached to same place on the bone.

Also I noticed for some reason 2 speakers get the same sound. I change the sound in one speaker and the second speaker gets the same change. Do you have idea why it happens?

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

As far as I know Blender only plays one audio at a time, the top strip in the VSE list. If you want to mix them together you will have to do that with an external audio editor, I use Audacity on my Linux box, or Reason on my Mac.

If the top strip has gaps in it, the next strip down will play in the gaps, if it doesn’t also have a gap I which case… you get the idea!

Cheers, Clock.

Too bad, It’s so inconvienient to have speaker playing only one sound in Blender. I’ve already tried to export soundtrack from video sequencer and then use it as sound file for speaker, but I noticed it did not export all sound effects thus I dropped that idea.

Sigh… Well, the only choice I have is to set up 15 speakers for remaning sound effects. I did the same for other sounds already, because I guess there is nothing I was looking for in Blender.

Also, do you have idea why sound effects have different volume, even though the volume is set up to 100%? I know scale affect this, but the source sounds have different volume regardless the scale of the scene.