Adding Music


I am working on a brief animation video. I tried to add music, I loaded into the video sequence editor. This works find when I preview it in Blender itself. But when I try to do this in the convert animation, I am getting no sound.

What am I missing? Can someone give me some tips please?

I’m not sure what you mean exactly by “convert animation” but if you mean rendering to video…

Make sure you use the ffmpeg codec, and click on the ‘audio’ tab… then press the “multiplex audio” button to enable it. With default settings, it should export with sound, so long as the sound is playing back from within Blender.

Ok great, I will try that, many thanks.

I did try converting it to microsoft and quicktime codec versions, but it did not have sound. But that was with the AVI codec.

This worked great, many thanks.