Adding Mutliple NMeshes to a scene

import tetraReturn
import Blender
from Blender import NMesh
#from tetrahedronRenderClass import tetraCreate

new = tetraReturn.tetraRender()
tetramesh = new.tetraCreate() #tetramesh contains blender nmesh object

new1 = tetraReturn.tetraRender(basex = 2.0, basey = 2.0, basez = 2.0)
newtetramesh = new1.tetraCreate()

NMesh.PutRaw(tetramesh, “plane”, 1)
NMesh.PutRaw(newtetramesh, “plane”, 1)

I am having a problem with adding mutliple meshes to a single scene. The tetraReturn.tetraRender() creates an object used for creating a tetrahedron.
tetraCreate() returns a NMesh object that is used to render the tetrahedron.
My current problem is only one of the tetrahedrons are being displayed in Blender.
I have only been working with Blender for a short time, so I am not sure what I am
doing wrong. Thanks for your help

PutRaw will overwrite a model of the same name. make the names unique.

Holy crap thank you so much

np :wink:
Id not recommend using putraw - its not well designed.
Many old scripts could overwrite data when you didnt want them to- better link the mesh to an object and the object to a scene, a bit more work but wont screw ith existing data.

I know this is a noob question, but could you give me a more detailed example with some code please… Thanks

link an empyu mesh to a scene

import bpy
sce =
me =
ob =